Tropical Vacations

We love cruising.  I mean, LOVE it.  We are avid Norwegian Cruise Line fans.  Five years ago we decided that we needed a break from fertility treatments and needed to get away.  I finally convinced the hubs that he would like a cruise and we jumped.  Now he is hooked.  After four years of paying for fertility treatments, we finally were able to afford another cruise and went again.  Now we are booked for ANOTHER next year.  This is going to be our annual thing, I think (minus a Disney trip somewhere).

Getting away is exactly the medicine that you need when life gets too busy.  Honestly, vacation was VERY needed for us this year.  We were stressed and tired.  It was refreshing and relaxing.  We didn’t bring Ben this time and that was difficult, but it was also a big part of what made it relaxing.  He was in good hands and got some much needed sleep!

This year we sailed on the NCL Escape and visited St. Thomas (my third visit, hubs’ second), Tortola (our first time!), and Nassau (we didn’t get off the boat).  I think I will document the ship and each of the stops in separate posts over the next week or two so as to give good reviews and be able to post a lot of pictures.  What I can say is, once you cruise, you’ll be hooked.  Especially on a quality cruise line like NCL!

In the meantime, I’ll just leave this right here…this is what I love most about vacation…I got to read TWO WHOLE BOOKS!  This book was Crossing the Horizon by Deanna Emberley Bailey who lost her two sons in a house fire.  Such a great book by a fellow loss mama.



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