Hiking Black Mountain

Spring has finally arrived!  Or summer, maybe…it was 74 degrees yesterday in northern New Hampshire and friends invited us for a hike this weekend.  Wanting to get Ben interested in the outdoors as well as get my endurance up and get in shape, we of course said yes!

We’ve hiked Black Mountain before on the Chippewa Trail which is STEEP to say the least.  We loved the hike, but the idea of doing that trail with the little guy in tow was not enticing.  Fortunately, there’s another way up on the Benton Trail.  It’s a bit longer but a lot less steep.  Having hiked the Chippewa Trail multiple times, it was a good change of pace to do the Benton Trail yesterday.

And it was still a work out.  I tried carrying the little man on my back for about a quarter mile (or probably less) of the 2.4 mile trail and couldn’t handle it and had to pass him back to the hubs.  Good thing for me is that we had a 4 year old, 8 year old, and 9 year old with us that allowed my out-of-shape behind to not feel QUITE so out of shape because they kept the pace which was much more to my pace.

The views from the top of Black Mountain are gorgeous.  You can see many of our local mountains and villages.  Having an active two year old on the top of a mountain though, not so safe and doesn’t allow us to look around nearly as much.  But it was one of the best days I have had in a long time.  What made it was laughs and fun with some awesome friends.


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