Why hello again…

You know that whole I’m going to post more this year and create this new blog and be good about posting thing?  Obvi I fell off the face of the planet, right??  Man, do I suck at this.  I get in a good stint of it and then poof, I disappear.  So here’s to take two!

Life with a  2.5 year old who talks non-stop and is working on potty-training…is accident prone (like his mama) and exploring EVERYTHING…has created quite the time suck.  That and ya, know, that whole election thing has me glued to my phone for the past couple of weeks…even after.  I am so over all the drama of the election.  Personal feelings?

The world is not going to end tomorrow.  I repeat, the world is not going to end tomorrow.  I think there were probably some right wingers that thought it was when Obama was elected promising free healthcare for all and ya know what?  They didn’t riot and burn things in the street, ask to be excused from exams because OMG my candidate didn’t win the election, or call the voters who voted a white veteran and his slow talking side kick misogynists, rapists, racists, red, blue or purple.  They gracefully accepted the loss and gave him the benefit of the doubt.  I’m so sick of it all.  Why can’t we just grow up and love each other and be kind?

Anyhow, I’m over it.  I’m just going to choose to be kind, be creative, and have hope for the future of my country and my family.  Meanwhile, we’re on our way to FINALLY having our dream home and homestead…but more on that in another post! 🙂


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