My Goals for 2017

I decided if I write my goals for 2017, you all can help hold me accountable, so here it goes…here’s my good, bad, and ugly of what I want to achieve in 2017!  SMART goals are the only way to go: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-Based. What are your goals for 2017?  Are they SMART goals?  How are you going to achieve them?  I will be following up on all of these goals in future blog posts, too, and hope you will update me on yours!

  1. Sell our house: It’s no surprise that I want to offload this house because a big part of our dreams is building our new homestead, so goal number one it is!  I want to sell our house by July which means the first goal is getting it ready to be on the market by April!
  2. Share essential oils: I am just starting out, but by the end of the summer (September 1), I hope to have shared my essential oils biz with at least three people and have them seeing what a difference oils can make in their life.  I love this stuff and I want to share it with the world!  Message me through my Contact page if you would like to talk more about essential oils.
  3. Improve my eating habits: I’ve tried every diet with no success.  I learned recently that if it is your problem, it’s not your solution, so a couple of other goals may help this one actually happen…but I want to have balanced out my eating by this summer (June 1) so that I am eating healthier on a more regular basis.  I want to have that balanced plate each mean with more vegetables than meat and fruit for dessert (most of the time).  This will just be one more step to a healthier me.
  4. Seek the counseling for my PTSD (and other issues): At my next doctor’s appointment, I intend to ask for a referral for the mental health counseling I have been procrastinating.  I sought counseling after our twins passed away, but I don’t think I really was ready for the level of counseling I needed.  I stopped going due to not meshing with the counselor.  It’s time, 4 years later, to find someone else to help me deal with some of the PTSD that has brought on.  And help me work through some other mental health issues that are important for my well being.  I know it will help me be a better wife, mom, daughter, and friend.  It’s time.  By the end of this year, I hope that I will be on track with my mental health so that all the other piece of my health fall into place!
  5. Lose the weight for good: I’ve been doing regular exercise with the hubs 5-6 days a week for the past 6 weeks.  I feel amazing.  I haven’t lost a ton of weight (okay, okay, in 6 weeks, I’ve probably lost almost 10 pounds, mostly in the past couple of weeks), but I want to keep going.  I need to make exercise a continued priority.  It’s a complete lifestyle change, and so far I’m feeling amazing about it, so that helps me stay inspired to keep going.  And for my PCOS, it’s the BEST thing I could do!  I’ve only got 30 more pounds to go to not be considered “obese” any longer.
  6. Run a 5K: I’ve said this ever year, but with fitness being a huge part of my goals, I am GOING to do it this year (you’re going to make sure I do, right??). So for the CHaD Hero, I plan to DO IT this time.  I will run the 5k at the Hero this year!  And I might even dress up. 😉
  7. Read more books: I set a goal of 30 books ever year, and I never do it.  By the end of 2017, I am going to have read 30 books!  And I will try to review all of them here for you, too! 🙂
  8. Be more consistent with my crafting business: I want to have at least a Facebook shop up at all times with lots of stuff to choose from.  I love crafting, and I think making at least $200 this year from it would be AMAZING.  That’s the goal!
  9. Blog more consistently: Alright, here goes…3-5 posts a week for at least the next 6 months.  That’s the goal.  Y’all gonna stick around for it??

Stay tuned for updates and more in depth information in all of the goals!!


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