What is PCOS?

One of the big underlying themes I think you see in my last post is health related issues that all seem to connect back to one thing…PCOS, or polycystic ovarian syndrome.

As I was talking to a coworker today and listening to her talk about a family member who has not been able to conceive, I asked a few questions about what kinds of tests that this woman had had done.  Everything.  But then, the coworker told me some things she noticed about this family member that made me think PCOS…but the family member hasn’t been diagnosed.  Trying to help this individual find a provider who would help her, I talked to some friends…and realized that there’s a common misconception about PCOS….

Yes, PCOS stands for poly (i.e. many) cystic.  HOWEVER, new research has shown that not all women have cysts all over their ovaries.  WOAH!  So you’re thinking, “That means that there is a huge number of people out there with PCOS, right?”  RIGHT!

PCOS is an endocrine disorder.  Your endocrine system are all those organs that help you with hormone regulation.  And hormones affect how everything in your body works.  Think about your car…your car (if a 90s or newer), needs a computer to help everything function properly.  If one piece of the computer goes down, the whole car works a little funky.  Your endocrine system is just like that.  And then if one piece of your endocrine system doesn’t function quite right…all your other systems start to not work right.  And boom…then it’s time to fix it all.

Here’s the list…you would have two of three of the following to be diagnosed…

  1. Your ovaries are polycystic
  2. High androgen levels (this is what causes the abnormal hair growth or hair thinning some girls get)
  3. Menstrual dysfunction (i.e. lack of periods, lack of ovulation, or irregular periods)

Any way you swing it…it all sucks…but the good news is there’s ways to fix it…my favorite resources is PCOS Diva!


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