Creating a Vision For Your Life

Vision Boards.  Everyone who has ever worked direct sales knows this is a HUGE piece of helping you achieve in your business.  But have you ever thought about it helping you achieve what you want in your life?  Maybe your direct sales business is just a piece of what will help you achieve all those great things you want in your life.  Or maybe it’s the answer to it all.  You won’t know until you create it.

I am sure you can find many ways on the internet to create a vision board.  One size does not fit all.  You can cut out pictures from a magazine, use Pinterest, write it all out, whatever your heart desires…and whatever will help inspire you most.  Having a vision for what you want in life will help you figure out how you will get there and will help you set the goals necessary to get there.

Start by making a list

Write it all down.  Everything that comes to mind.

Mine looks something like this: Gardens full of vegetables, solar panels, chickens, bees, a vineyard, fruit trees, goats, homemade soaps, homemade bread, healthy body, healthy life, happy son, happy husband, annual vacations, no debt, a small cape house with a barn…and I am sure I could go on further!

Now create your Vision Board

Use Pinterest or use magazines, tape, and glue.  It’s up to you.  You could even write it all out.  Describe how you want each of those things on the list to look.  What it will do for you, how it will make you feel.  Search for good quotes that support what you are trying to achieve.  It’s going to take you time.  It doesn’t happen over night at all!  But make it simple.  You want it not to feel cluttered.  Ultimately, photo representations are the best way to inspire the vision for yourself, but if you’re writing it out, try drawing pictures, too. You want it to be something you can glance at and have it inspire you.

Now let it inspire you!  Hang it where you can see it.  Somewhere you will see it just about every day.  That way, you will never forget your inspiration and vision.

Now I’m going to get to work and design my vision board to share with you all soon! 🙂


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