This blog is about starting over.  About sharing the good and happy in life despite the sorrow that we have experienced.

On September 3, 2012, after over 3 years of fertility treatments, we became parents.  Only problem was that we were parents 16 weeks too early.  Our sons Samuel and Andrew were born at 24 3/7 weeks old.  Weighing only 1 pound 6 ounces and 1 pound 2 ounces respectively, they were tiny, weak, and fighting for their lives.  Despite every ounce of energy, love, and medical intervention, Andrew passed away on September 6 and Samuel passed away on September 25…forever changing our lives.

I wrote over on Confessions of Twin Momma since then.  Lately, I haven’t felt the need or want to post often.  I also find that that means I’m not saving those precious memories of life that we now share with our son, Benjamin (another preemie born at 33 1/7 weeks in 2014).  So I present our blog about our lives now, raising Ben and learning to parent two angels at the same time.

I’m a crafter.  Crochet was my outlet during my grief and I haven’t lost the interest yet, but that’s the nature of grief, too, I think.  But we’re making memories.  One day at a time!  We love the outdoors.  We have a dream of having a homestead somewhere down the road.  We live in rural New England and love it here.  We love to travel and experience new things, but most of all, we love spending time together…so away we go!